Luna Cassiopea

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Cassiopea by Tiziana Terenzi introduces the new Luna (Moon) collection. Luna is the place of desires, memories and wishes that have been lost. It evokes childhood memories, places and nature. Cassiopea is an Extrait de Parfum. Paolo Terenzi is "the nose" behind the brand and creates each fragrance using family using very rare, precious and raw ingredients rooted from only natural sources. The result is Extrait de Parfum known as the highest concentration in parfum. The result is an ultra-premium quality at 30% concentration. Cassiopea is a journey to an imaginative magical place of fantasy that has a breath taking view of the Adriatic Sea on a hot Summer night watching the shooting stars. Its timeless as the constellation that never fails to speak love and gratitude. Cassiopea has top notes of Passion Fruit, Lemon, Cassis and Fern Middle notes of Carnation, Lily of the Valley and Rosa Tea. Base notes of Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, and Musk.



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Ratings & Reviews

4.67 Stars from 7 reviews

Tammy13 August 4, 2017 :
If your a Vanilla person, you will love this. I like citrus and vanilla. This is sweet and yummy.
Tammy13 August 4, 2017 :
I love sweet fragrances.This is a head turner for me! So delicious.
Leyla January 29, 2018 :
A head turner
Linz Zennin October 21, 2017 :
I can't even begin to explain how sexy I feel when I put this on. it is long lasting, has many notes to make it truly sweet yet comforting all at the same time. I put Draco to try next month and my husband tried OrIon all I can say is amazing!
Torres82801 November 22, 2017 :
I liked it. A little too much musk for me. It is definitely a fall/winter scent that is warm and cozy.
Pamelou January 15, 2018 :
I could not discern the various notes upon initial application, but I knew immediately that I really liked Luna Cassiopea. It is now a few hours later and I find it just as pleasing. It softens, but it also lingers. Just right and very nice.
StarFever11 July 20, 2018 :
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