Step 1: Find your scent
By Taking a short fragrance survey at luxuryscentbox.com, your fragrance profile will populate with fragrance recommendations personally selected for you.
Step 2: Choose your luxury
Choose from 100% authentic designer fragrances complimentary as a part of your monthly consultation. 
Step 3: Get your monthly scent box
Subscribe to Luxury Scent Box and you will receive a new fragrance of your choice each month in a luxury travel size atomizer. Size of travel atomizer: 9ml (0.30 FL OZ)
Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
No, There are no contracts and no commitment. Only Month to Month or an Annual Subscription. 
What is the benefit of an Annual Subscription?
Pay upfront, and receive 1 month free. Therefore you are only charged for only 11 months. Your 12th month is free.
What is the shipping charge?
There is no shipping charge. Shipping is free.
Are returns accepted?
Returns are Not accepted on any subscription.
Is tax charged on my subscription?
No, you will not be charged sales tax. This is a subscription service.
What if I am allergic to a fragrance?
Luxury Scent Box does not manufacture any fragrances. Refer to the ingredients listed on the Luxury Scent Box or manufacturer of the fragrance. In a case of an emergency, call 911 or seek medical attention immediately. 
Have a question that you cannot find here?
CONTACT US: [email protected]
Can I travel with my Luxury Scent Box Travel Fragrance Spray on a plane?
Yes, you can travel with you Luxury Scent Box travel atomizer. It meets Transportation Security Administration Regulations for traveling. Please refer to  TSA regulations at https://tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/liquids-rule
What is the size of the Luxury Scent Box Travel Fragrance Spray?
9ml (0.30 FL OZ)
Does the Luxury Scent Box Travel Fragrance Spray?
Yes, it is a spray.
Does Luxury Scent box manufacture fragrances?
No, all fragrances are 100% authentic from the designer, brand or Trademark Name. Luxury Scent Box repackages only original & authentic fragrances.
Are the fragrances inside Luxury Scent Box Travel Fragrance Spray authentic or real?
Yes, Luxury Scent box only uses fragrances that are only orginal and 100% authentic. 
How are the fragrances transferred to Luxury Scent Box Atomizers?
Luxury Scent Box uses the method of decanting. Decanting is defined as a method of transferring from one bottle to another. We use the method of decanting from the 100% authentic original fragrance bottle to the Luxury Scent Box luxurious travel fragrance spray.
Why Should I Subscribe with Luxury Scent Box?
Matching you with a perfect scent, one at a time. Discover the fragrance you have been searching for. Convenient Travel Size Spray. Perfect for travelng or on the go.
When will I be charged for my subscription?
The first time when you subscribed, you will be billed immediately. Going forward the next month you be billed automatically on the same day you first subscribed of each month. Each month your subscription is automatically renewed each billing period unless you cancel.
Can I pay for all my subscriptions at once?
Yes, you can only pay for all your subscriptions at once by selecting the Annual Subscription Plan.
How do I upgrade or change my subscription plan?
You can upgrade your subscription plan by logging into your Account, Switch Plans. Select the plan you would like to upgrade or change.
What if my Annual Subsctription plan ends?
It will automatically renew for another year unless you cancel. If you do not want it to renew for another year, please be sure to cancel before the 1st of the month. 
What is the shipping charge?
There is no shipping charge. Shipping is free within the U.S.A.
Where does Luxury Scent Box ship?
Only in the U.S.A.
When is my Luxury Scent Box shipped?
The first time when you subscribe, your order will be processed and shipped usualy within 5-10 business days. Each month your Luxury Scent Box will be shipped 1-7 days from the date you were billed. Your Luxury Scent Box usually arrives 3-10 business days for arrival. You will receive an email with tracking details after the item is in processing.
Can I ship my Luxury Scent Box to another address?
Yes. If you want to send your Luxury Scent Box to a friend or family member simply log into your profile and change your shipping address before the 1st of each month. Once the address has been changed, your subscription will be shipped to that address every month. Be sure to change the address into your profile to assure it will be shipped to the correct address. To change your address in your profile, click on ACCOUNT from the top menu, click on EDIT SHIPPING INFO.
How do I track my order?
You will receive an email with tracking details when the item is shipped. You can also see tracking details by selecting ACCOUNT on the top menu, then select Orders, click on order number to view tracking number.
Is it required to take the Fragrance Survey?
No, it is not required but is suggested to hep you find the perfect scent. If you decide not to take the fragrance survey, you have the option to select Browse All Fragrances from the drop down menu of WOMEN or MEN from the top of the homepage. 
How do I receive Fragrance Recommendations:
Simply take the Fragrance Survey.
How can I take the Fragrance Survey?
Simply click on GET STARTED from the home page.
If I took the fragrance survey, can I take it again?
Yes, at anytime you can receive new fragrance recommendations from our specialists by taking the Fragrance Survey. Simply Click Fragrance Survey from the home page. Once you take the survey, recommendations are provided.
How do I update my Fragrance Calendar?
You can update your Fragrance Calendar by logging into your Profile, and selecting ACCOUNT from the top menu, select CLICK HERE TO UPDATE CALENDAR. You can delete a fragrance you have selected for a month, the replace it with a new fragrance. If you have not yet selected a fragrance for a month, you can select the fragrance and add it to your calendar. Select UPDATE CALENDAR once you made your changes to the calendar.
How do I add fragrances to my Fragrance Calendar?
On the products page, click ADD TO CALENDAR below the fragrance image. It will automatically add it to your calendar.
Can I delete a product from my Fragrance Calendar?
Yes. You can delete a fragrance you have selected for a month from your Fragrance Calendar by clicking on the X, on bottom of the image in the Fragrance Calendar.
Can I change my fragrance in my calendar to a different month?
As a first time subscriber, your first monthly fragrance can not be changed in your calendar being that it is shipped immediately. Any months going forward can be changed. Simply by dragging and dropping the images in your Fragrance Calendar prior to the 1st of each month. If you have not yet selected a fragrance for a month, you can select the fragrance and add it to your calendar. 
What if I do not have a fragrance in my calendar?
We will ship the fragrances you have in your Fragrance Calendar. If there is no fragrance selected for the month, a real person will analyze your results from the Fragrance Survey to assure you will love the scent. Your fragrance specialist will handpick the perfect scent for you and it will automatically be shipped to you for that month.
How do I update my billing information?
Log into your profile, click ACCOUNT on the top menu, and click EDIT BILLING INFO.
How do I update my shipping address?
Log into your profile, click MY ACCOUNT on the top menu, and click MY ADDRESSES. This must be done at least two days prior to your next billing/processing date shown on your account. Luxury Scent Box is not responsible if this is not complete prior to the indicated processing date.
Can I cancel my subscription and subscibe again at a later time?
Yes, you cancel your subscription and subscribe again at a later time. 
Can I cancel my Monthly Subscription Plan?
Yes, but before you do so, can we make it right or improve or service to you? Log into your profile, Account, Click Membership Options, Cancel. Your cancellation will be processed immediately. You must cancel before the next processing date indicated on your account 'my info' page to assure you will not be billed. No refunds are processed. You can use your subscription for the month you have been billed for until the term has ended.
Can I cancel an Annual and Gift Subscription Plan?
Yes, If you cancel, we do not process refunds for the remaining of the term.