Lollia Relax

Product Description: 

Relax Lollia by Margot Elena is an Eau de Parfum. At the core of Lollia's heart & soul, her parfum sings. A rich, and exotic blend of Lavender, Bee Blossom Honey, White Orchids, Woods, Warm Indian Amber delicately completed with a touch of Tahitian Vanilla. Sure to make your heart sing too, for your signature scent, Relax. Calming and Sweet.

For $15 a month, receive .30oz/9ml, approx. 150 sprays. One month supply of fragrance. Free shipping. (Other monthly plan options available at checkout)
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Ratings & Reviews

4.6 Stars from 5 reviews

Linz Zennin September 16, 2017 :
I LOVE this scent!!! It has a sweet vibe to it, and smells absolutely addictive & intoxicating. I think men will love to smell this on their lady. The honey and lavender is just divine. Stay power is amazing!!!
[email protected] October 21, 2017 :
I absolutely love this! I love gardenia and this, while different could be in a similar category. It's very sweet and warm. It really doesn't smell like lavender to me at all (I love lavender too), but that doesn't change how much I like this perfume.
pwashington October 28, 2017 :
Not exactly what I was expecting.. it’s a fruity, sweet smelling fragrance if you like that sort of thing.
jennazombie27 February 14, 2018 :
I recovered a ton of compliments from this scent. It’s very light but not overpowering. It’s clean with a touch of sweet and relaxing. I liked this scent. It’s a light daytime work scent.
Pefumefan22 August 15, 2018 :
A interesting scent. the honey is soft but just the right sweetness. I liked it very soft great to wear to work. Sweet and Soft!
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