Viktor Rolf FlowerBomb

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FlowerBomb by Viktor & Rolf is an Eau de Parfum. This is an iconic scent for with notes Bergamot, Green Tea, Sambac Jasmine, Centifolia Rose, Freesia, Cattleya Orchid, Musk and Patchouli. This fragrance won the Allure Best of Beauty Award. This magnificent scent is feminine and sensual. 



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Ratings & Reviews

4.73 Stars from 15 reviews

pjacksone September 27, 2016 :
My FAVORITE fragrance by far. This scent is everything. I used to be scared to try it thinking that I would smell like an old lady or a field of flowers. I learned that all of the notes work together to make a beautiful scent that is not overly floral. I get compliments from complete strangers wearing this. The musk and patchouli balance out all of the flower notes. You MUST try this fragrance.
Neethie December 27, 2016 :
Love this scent! Can't wait to wear it this weekend! Perfect for date night with the hubby, or night out with friends
Rewa January 10, 2017 :
Too strong for me I like light scents.
lauren88logan August 29, 2017 :
Beautiful, complex and long lasting. It's just a beautiful sexy scent that will garner endless compliments. Truly a fave.
Tiffanyambera September 21, 2017 :
This perfume is by far the best fragrance I have ever tried. I LOVE FLOWERBOMB. My husband goes crazy for it too whenever I wear it. It is so perfectly balanced, very floral but not in an overwhelming way. I am so picky about perfume and I can't stand heavy mature scents and a lot of lighter scents give off a very medicinal smell in my opinion. Flowerbomb is just so right. It really is too bad my favorite perfume is so expensive, but I will continue to purchase it because I truly find this scent to be unparalleled by any other.
mtomalin October 5, 2017 :
I really enjoyed this scent. It has a sweetness but seriousness to the fragrance, it can be used in day or nightime. A new favorite!
eva9953027 October 11, 2017 :
Most of the comments say that it is long-lasting, but I don't think so. It lasted for like 4 hours max for me. I only sprayed it on my neck tho, I didn't spay it on my wrists... maybe that's why. I like this scent a lot, it makes me fell like I am a classy woman. It has sweetness to it, but it's perfect. I absolutely love this scent.
Pamelou November 13, 2017 :
I was always curious about FlowerBomb and I now understand why there are so many who sing its praises. It is a lovely, complex scent that has a pleasant sweetness upon application and a nice, somewhat oriental feel to the dry down. The longevity was very good on me and the sillage was not overwhelming. I would buy this fragrance, even if some feel it has been played out or that it is generally too popular. It’s new to me and I really like it.
raquelovestony December 27, 2017 :
This is the best fragrance! I love it!
Car54whereareu8 June 8, 2018 :
This is a must try! It's strong at first but then balances itself out into a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Daytime and office wear, Spring and Summer wear for me. Wasn't long wear for me with just one spray but just long enough for what I want. It gives me the chance to spray it again after 4hrs and smell all the wonderful notes again.. Because it is a burst of flowers at first, I only spray once. It's a nice fragrance that you will want to wear over and over.
lopeza June 22, 2018 :
Tatiana02 June 26, 2018 :
Kramroop24 October 28, 2018 :
ROBIN61 January 22, 2019 :

OMG This smells amazing just recieved today and have been smelling my wrist non stop. It is sweet clean Beautiful scent.

ms.edstar March 30, 2019 :

This is one of my favorite scents of all time. Everyone wants to buy it when they smell it on me. I stopped wearing it for a while because EVERYONE else was! I noticed that most ladies spray too much. Very strong scent. A little goes a long way! Def iconic though!

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