Shay & Blue Watermelons

Product Description: 

Watermelons by Shay & Blue is an Eau de Parfum. Handcrafted in England. Quench your thirst. Satiate your desire. Tempt your appetite with Watermelons. Full and moist. Bursting with green mandarin, green tea and honeysuckle. Contrasted with clipped vetiver. Explosively watermelon. Explosively fresh. Watermelons was created by Julie Massé, Perfumer, and Dom De Vetta, Founder of Shay & Blue. PETA list of cruelty-free companies. Best Fragrance Of Spring Summer 2015 - The Guardian.


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Ratings & Reviews

5 Stars from 2 reviews

Christina Brown April 28, 2019 :

Very citrus. Can't smell any honeysuckle. 

VeronicaRae July 2, 2019 :

Seems like it would be a simple scent, but there is great depth in the simple fragrance! Smells like the trees after a heavy rain & the white rind part of a watermelon. I love this scent. It is very pretty and unique. It's a strange scent at first, all I could smell was petrichor(which I think is the slightest scent of the honeysuckle and the vetiver mixing) and then it slowly faded into a very lovely, green watermelon smell. It is not overly sweet at all, no candy like sweetness to it.

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