Eclat d’Arpège

Product Description: 

Eclat d’Arpège by Lanvin is an Eau de Toilette.

This scent has notes of Peach Blossom, Red Peony, Green Tea Leaves,

White Cedar, Musk, Amber, Peony, Chinese Osmanthus, Green Lilac.

Refreshing and Chic.

For $15 a month, receive .30oz/9ml, approx. 150 sprays. One month supply of fragrance. Free shipping. (Other monthly plan options available at checkout)
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Ratings & Reviews

5 Stars from 3 reviews

Tammy13 August 4, 2017 :
Very summer time, clean and light. Elegant and fresh. You may be pleasantly surprised with this one.
Emily88 August 11, 2017 :
Light and fresh. Great summer fragrance.
JadainGA April 12, 2019 :

Eclat d'Arpege is one of several perfumes in my collection that will work for ANY occasion, any time of year.  It's light, understated, and wears close to the skin, making it perfect for the office or anywhere where sillage might need to be limited.  I live in Georgia, where the summer humidity and heat discourages any kind of heavy cloying scent, so this is going to be one of the go-to fragrances that I'll keep in my purse for freshening up on the hottest days.   Good stuff!  

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