Chris Collins Danse Sauvage

Product Description: 

Danse Sauvage is an Eau de Parfum- World of Chris Collins. Unleash a savage, wild sensation. 

This fragrance tells the story of Josephine Baker’s “Savage Dance” from her performances in 1920s Paris. Irresistible black pepper, plum, and cognac meet classic amber, musk, and spicy woody notes. The scent is unbridled, spontaneous and sensual. Its sexiness taps into your beautiful dark side—a mystical fragrance inspired from the oriental scents with warm and deep woods of patchouli and cedarwood. Spicy notes such as pepper, chili and cardamom bring sensuality and magic to the Tonka bean notes, while bursts of Cognac make you intoxicated and delighted in its wake. 

Top Notes of Cognac, Plum, Saffron. Heart Notes of Pepper, Chili, Rose. Base Notes of Cedarwood, Vanilla, Oud.

“To me the perfumer is an artist, like Picasso, Basquiat, or Pollock, making olfactive masterpieces.”

- Chris Collins

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Ratings & Reviews

5 Stars from 1 review

donnak7 June 10, 2019 :

This smells divine.  The spices are perfect. The cedarwood base note is amazing.  I can't stop smelling it on my arm.  I LOVE unisex fragrances, and this one is wonderful.

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