Cartier Déclaration

Product Description: 

Cartier Déclaration by Cartier is an Eau de Toilette.

This refreshing scent has notes of Mandarin Orange, Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Birch, Oak, Morracan Artemisia, Cardamon, Vetiver, and Musk.

Sophisticated and Refreshing.

For $15 a month, receive .30oz/9ml, approx. 150 sprays. One month supply of fragrance. Free shipping. (Other monthly plan options available at checkout)
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Ratings & Reviews

3.5 Stars from 2 reviews

wade1977 June 28, 2017 :
A bit too bold for me and musky. It reminds me on Penhaligon 33, it goes on smelling a bit 'chemically' but then it gives way to a calming powdery smell. It smells like a fragrance and older more mature person would wear.
pnovembre January 9, 2019 :

A mild scent.  But, the women in my office can say they can still smell it on me and they like it.

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