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TokyoMilk Dark Bulletproof No. 45 by Margot Elena is an Eau de Parfum. Femme Fatale Collection. Fragrant allure. Unexpected essences crushed & distilled, creating a remarkably uncommon sensory experience. Daring fragrance blends, not for the faith of heart. Bulletproof is a smoky combination of sultry Teas and warm Coconut Milk. Smoldering and seductive, this fragrance enrobes the wearer in the rich forest scents of Ebony Woods, Crushed Cedar and exotic spice. 


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Ratings & Reviews

4.14 Stars from 31 reviews

Emily88 August 11, 2017 :
Sultry and Sexy
melissa1 August 12, 2017 :
Unique a very sexy. I really smelled the coconut milk. I love anything with coconut and vanilla.
shopgirl August 22, 2017 :
Amazing fragrance. Smells sooooooooooooooooo good! The vanilla is so delightful and fun.
vaclind August 24, 2017 :
I can't quite make up my mind about this sent. I smell the wood and spice yet it is a soft sent. the perfume last most of the day (so the quality seems good). I like that it isn't floral or too sweet but I think this also makes the sent more "matronly" . Its a professional smell that I have confidence wearing in the corporate world but will likely choose a different sent for a night out with the husband or a casual get together at a bar.
AdamsMike September 2, 2017 :
A sexy scent but yet sophisticated. Its daring for the woman that knows what she wants. Love it.
Linz Zennin September 15, 2017 :
Sexy and daring
melissa88 October 11, 2017 :
So exotic fun and very long lasting. Will try the others from this collection.
Linz Zennin October 21, 2017 :
Super unique and different
heather89 December 10, 2017 :
A very warm and bold fragrance. Very long lasting. Received many compliments when I wear .
jennazombie27 December 18, 2017 :
I enjoyed this scent! It's different, sweet with some spice but yet not over powering! Definitely happy with this one!
pjacksone January 17, 2018 :
Very smoky, sexy and woodsy at the same time. I find it to be a unisex fragrance because of the woodiness and spiciness. I like masculine fragrances anyway so this is the best of both worlds. It's kinda masculine and feminine at the same time. It's different, if you don't like spicy, this might not be the fragrance for you.
Jimmy89 January 20, 2018 :
Got this one for my wife and bottom line its seductive and warm. Very alluring.
Akidah Raani Shakur February 14, 2018 :
Wow! I have to say that this is a strong and powerful scent in the first initial spray. It gives off a strong cinnamon or clove fragrance which is not listed. In the middle of the dry down you can smell a faint hint of coconut milk which smells wonderful. the end of the dry down i smell the sweetness of the tea leaves in which it becomes very soft at the end of the dry down. i don't quit get the woodiness but I really capture the spice in this fragrance.. It smells amazing!!!
Cynthiaeaton77 February 19, 2018 :
This smells amazing!!! Love it!
Squishyshmoo April 17, 2018 :
I still can't decide if I hate it or love it. It really depends on my mood. It is definitely a sophisticated scent and more of a special occasion perfume than a day to day perfume. The coconut scent is definitely there, but not overwhelming. It's hard to describe this perfume, but I would say that older generations would enjoy this scent more then teens or young adults just based on what is popular with the younger generations now.
Chey2405 April 18, 2018 :
I absolutely do not like this scent. It’s super musky and woodsy to me. I can’t smell coconut at all and that’s the only reason I picked it.
Myersgrl1 May 29, 2018 :
Myersgrl1 May 31, 2018 :
I did not like this scent at all. All I smell is musk and cigarettes. I didn't pick it myself, the site did but it sounded good from the description. I definitely don't smell coconut.
Rhuggett72 July 8, 2018 :
queenofperfume August 13, 2018 :
A rich and powerful scent great winter fragrance.
Zimmerman1980 August 30, 2018 :
A cozy scent, almost masculine but I like it a lot. First day I wore received 2 compliments instantly
LopezC September 9, 2018 :
did not like this scent at all. Smelled too smoky. Just wasn't what I like.
Adunkirk November 13, 2018 :
Did not enjoy AT ALL.
QueenTflah November 15, 2018 :
I found this to be like what the description said! It is not your typical scent; it’s unique and that’s what I enjoyed about it. All the characteristics of this scent work together for a wonderfully exotic scent.
Teerichmond December 1, 2018 :
I love this scent. Stronger than I would normally wear but it has a sultry edginess to it! Nothing like I have ever smelled before!
Laugh Love Shop January 22, 2019 :

Perfect autumn/winter scent for me. Hubby could wear it too. LOVE

Andi_m83 March 6, 2019 :

Not a fan of this fragrance. Smells very smoky. Could not smell the coconut either. It is unique, but not in a good way. I received Femme Fatale couple of months ago by mistake, an it also smells very smoky and woodsy. 

donnak7 March 8, 2019 :

This smells absolutely delicious. I love it.

Amandaleeself89... March 28, 2019 :

Hate it!!! Is not close to sexy at all. 

Sehugly June 7, 2019 :

Oh man, so this perfume is a real roller coaster. My first impression of this perfume was me spraying it away from my body. The scent is INTENSE. I immediately thought of old ladies. It's SUPER powdery smelling. I wish I had paid closer attention to the notes, I only got it due to it being a result of my fragrance survey. I strongly dislike coconut. Now here is where it changes... After about 20 minutes, the scent softened in my bedroom and it started to smell pleasant. Even later, it smells better and better. I would have given this scent 5 stars if it weren't so gag worthy when you first spray it. Wish it were a lighter scent.

Eleigh75 June 16, 2019 :

Love it. As someone who has worn perfume oils rather than perfumes for decades, this has more of the rich, musky, spicy smell I am accustomed to rather than the overwhelming sweet floral smell of so many commercial perfumes.

  Upon spraying this I did get a quick burst of sweetness from vanilla and coconut milk, but that died down quickly and the woods and spices took over. This dries down to mainly spicy tea and clove on me, but is softened a bit by that vanilla and coconut milk in the background.  It's a lovely and unique scent and wears well. Two sprays lasted me all day and I got a ton of compliments. Warm, spicy, distinct,  and sexy. 

Interested in trying more from Tokyo Milk.

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