Black Sugar

Product Description: 

Black Sugar by Aquolina is an Eau de Toilette. This fragrance has notes of Vanilla, Agarwood (Oud), Raspberry, Creamy Sandalwood, Leather, Myrrh, and Incense. Mysterious and Unique.


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Ratings & Reviews

4.38 Stars from 13 reviews

Linz Zennin September 15, 2017 :
Best scent i've ever used! the vanilla hits everyone when i walk by, and i can't stop getting compliments on it! the men notice, too! Sweet!!!!
melissa88 October 11, 2017 :
Exotic and sexy
reginac November 5, 2017 :
This is the first scent I've tried from Aquolina. This one was interesting. It smells like new tires and cotton candy. You'd think that'd be off putting, but somehow, I still sort of like it. My niece really liked it. I will use this one. I would like to try the original Pink Sugar.
thathockeychick23 December 19, 2017 :
Not a personal fan. Smells way too sweet. I can't smell anything else except sweetness. Sort of like candy. The only thing positive thing I can say is that it does last long.
Andi_m83 February 15, 2018 :
This one smells different. Not a fan personally. It smells smokey; very strong and long lasting.
deshondat April 25, 2018 :
Love this scent! It smells really good and its not too overpowering. Perfect for spring/summer
Amy68 May 31, 2018 :
Misty Dawn Rogers June 26, 2018 :
not for me
Carlitta July 31, 2018 :
[email protected] I love this scent.
queenofperfume August 13, 2018 :
Divine fragrance. I loved it so much! Will have to buy a large bottle. It is very seductive and flirty.
Pefumefan22 August 15, 2018 :
Exotic & Sexy
mwelsch678 February 20, 2019 :

Beautiful scent! It is sweet and lasts a long time, which is what I want. I also love that it's not overpowering. Definitely would recommend!

BuffyBPark April 2, 2019 :

It's really nice.  Daytime wearable for the office. There's nothing bad about it.  Not my favorite though and I think it's reminiscent of a lot of other candy-like sweet scents.  

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