Balenciaga Paris

Product Description: 

Balenciaga Paris by Balenciaga is an Eau de Parfum. This fragrance has notes of Carnation Flower, Patchouli, Violet Leaf, Violet, and Virginia Cedar. 

For $15 a month, receive .30oz/9ml, approx. 150 sprays. One month supply of fragrance. Free shipping. (Other monthly plan options available at checkout)
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Ratings & Reviews

3.67 Stars from 6 reviews

APORTER11 May 15, 2018 :
Tspring0507 May 30, 2018 :
Beautiful scent. Fades fast sadly
Asia December 4, 2018 :
Very strong scent not one of my favorites.
QueenTflah February 14, 2019 :

This is ok but strong. The fragrance becomes a different scent than when you first put it on.

BuffyBPark April 2, 2019 :

This is stronger than I would normally go for and it's not a scent I would associate with Paris.  There are strong wood notes.  Just not what I expected.  Scent mellows down and changes quickly to not be overwhelming to others.  It took some getting used to but I do like this scent.  Just not something I would wear as a regular go-to perfume. 

ChristinaS777 June 5, 2019 :

I love this scent!  I would recommend it to anyone!

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