Luna Orion

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Orion by Tiziana Terenzi introduces the new Luna (Moon) collection.

Luna is the place of desires, memories and wishes that have been lost.

It evokes childhood memories, places and nature. Orion is an Extrait de Parfum.


Paolo Terenzi is "the nose" behind the brand and creates each fragrance using family

using very rare, precious and raw ingredients rooted from only natural sources.

The result is Extrait de Parfum known as the highest concentration in parfum.

The result is an ultra-premium quality at 30% concentration.


Inspired by Mount Conero. The rocks and forest are mirrored in the crystal clear water of one

of the most beautiful bays in Italy. Protected by two peaks, two sisters that were thown into

the sea by the gods. He would depart in the middle of the night accompanied by light

breezes that trailed the cheerful scent of the Mediterranean scrub throughout the entire

voyage. Orienting himself by the stars, Paolo's grandfather Guglielmo pointed out the

constellation Orion and its mythical belt. Orion is a result of that faraway echo.


A bouquet of citrus and woods. A dream like voyage toward the Infinite.

Orion has top notes of Bergamot, Red Currant, Apple, Pineapple.

Heart notes of Patchouli, Birch, Jasmine, Oregano and Thyme.

Base notes of Incense, Amber, Agarwood (Oud), Musk and Cedar.



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